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HSE Policy


That every necessary step shall be taken to safeguard all personnel involve in her operations including third parties. That positive attitude to safety shall be rewarded and negative ones frowned at. To carry out business activities devoid of fatalities, serious injuries or damage to Properties. In order to ensure an enviable performance, the following strategies will be adopted;

  1. Minimization of accident losses.
  2. Continuous identification of causes of accidents.
  3. Evaluation of the causes of accidents.


OVO EGUONO shall lay emphasis on the promotion of the total health concept, and the protection of its employees, third parties and the environment, from harm

Before the commencement of every operation, our retainership clinic shall medically examine and certify fit for work, all workers, consultants, and third parties, to work on the project.

Medical Retainership Clinic is at No. 1, Akagba Street Okumagba Avenue, Warri, Delta State. OVO EGUONO NIGERIA LIMITED, maintain its “NO SMOKING” policy, as it is a potential health hazard.


It is essential that early recognition of health hazard is established. Monitored and controlled in the environment of our operation. The company also places a great emphasis on promotion of total health concept and protection of workers. Prior to the commencement of the project all workers shall be certified medically fit by the company’s Doctor. We shall provide adequately stocked First Aid Box on site and shall be manned by a qualified First Aider/ Nurse There shall be availability of adequate filtered portable water on site.

MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) facilities (Standby vehicle and stretcher) on ground in the event of emergency. We maintain a retainer clinic at No. 1, Akagba Street Okumagba Avenue, Warri, Delta State. The company shall also maintain retainer clinics wherever branch offices are opened due to growth and expansion of our business activities.


The environmental policy of the company revolves around the achievement of improved living conditions. The company is committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment especially in the course of work, where environmental sanitation programme is seriously implemented. Physical factor in the environment that influence health at work such, as lighting, ventilation, humidity, and extreme temperature will be altered to suit working conditions. Effort will be concentrated towards minimization of dusts, noise, fumes and related waste during the course of work. It is expected of every employee to possess healthy and environmentally accepted conditions both at work and home. Wastes generated during our operations, shall be segregated and properly disposed to various designated dumpsite or area.


OVO EGUONO NIGERIA LTD conducts its business with high level of sensitivity to drugs peddling and its abuse.

The abuses of drugs and alcohol impair performance at work, and can be a serious threat to safety, environment, health and productivity. The company wishes to ensure that all employees recognizes this threat and aims at countering its effect by minimizing the risks involved. In order to achieve this, the following policy will apply.

Employees who are dependent upon alcohol; or drugs are encouraged to seek medical advice, and to follow appropriate treatment promptly. High level of dependence leads to termination of employment of the party involved.It is strictly prohibited for any employee to be at work whist impaired by, or not fit for work as a result of drugs or alcohol consumption.

The illicit use, possession, distribution, or sales of illegal drugs on company business or work location is strictly prohibited.

In pursuing this policy, the company will continue to respect the rights of individuals, and will minimize intrusion into their private lives. It must be realized that the company as a good employer; has established “In-house rules” to keep law and order within the enterprises for the safety of persons, properties and the environment.


The security measure of the company ensures that all our operation base has a well structured security plan for the protection of personnel equipment / facilities.

The company upholds security information dissemination to all our employees both in office and while on assignment outside the office. Improve security awareness of both company’s employees and third party association with our operations. The company’s employee will be provided with identity cards and workers will be briefed regularly on current security risk.


Community affairs entail regards to the community around the project area, which the operation is carried out.

It is the policy of OVO EGUONO NIGERIA LTD that: Prior to any job execution, communities in such areas would always be consulted. In the community forum, the benefits of the project will be elucidated and would be in conformity with client for community developments.


In line with Client project, it is our desires: To be leaders in the Oil and Gas Industry creating value for our Customer with Technology, Innovative Solutions, Execution excellence and world-class Talent.

This policy intends to achieve the following goals

To supplying reliable products delivered and installed within timely and economically established schedules with the customers and in environmentally friendly conditions. To supply spare parts within the contractually established times.

For the purpose of controlling and continuously improving the commitment of the organization to the Quality Policy, OVO EGUONO NIGERIA LIMITED has defined the following metric as

On time delivery of new units
On time delivery of material
Product reliability
Cost of quality
Talents development
Delivering of satisfactory service
These are examined in the management review contained in the QA Manual


OVO EGUONO NIGERIA LTD has constantly provided employment opportunity for young Nigerians. We strongly believe in updating our personnel in their various skills by making provision for in-house and on the job training.

Our work policy is developing young Nigerians to meet with the everyday challenges in the oil and gas industry.

Our local content plan involves a system of on the job training that enable a direct transfer of technology for our technical partners. This will give our indigenous engineers firsthand experience in their job areas.

OVO EGUONO NIGERIA LTD training plan emphasizes advance skill, leadership and involvement in industry activities. In addition trainee development is not limited to a single discipline, but rather encompasses exposure to other disciplines as well.


OVO EGUONO NIGERIA LTD has surpassed the Nigerian content directive (NCD) to domicile over 70% engineering service in Nigeria, significant portion of our services. On the remaining section we are committed to increasing local content to achieve Nigeria content drive.

To pursue this commitment, OVO EGUONO NIGERIA LTD has established a local content division aimed at developing: Capacity building Procurement Recruitment Training.


OVO EGUONO has practically put in place a waste management procedure to manage the different type of wastes through the effective element of waste segregation system.

Considering the health and wellbeing of our staff, the host community and the environment, OVO EGUONO strongly recognize waste management as a statutory obligation which must be effectively involve in such a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

These wastes are disposed at a government designated dump site. Some wastes which may need recycling are evacuated to be recycled to serve other purposes.


In community affairs, host communities are recognized as stake holders in a project to be carried out in their domain. The purpose is to create and maintain a friendly relationship that will in turn enhance and promote OVO EGUONO project execution.

One of the basic purposes of the aforementioned relationship is to guide against Suspension of Operation that may come up as a result of disagreements / clashes between the company and the host community.

OVO EGUONO in a responsible manner will always recognize and uphold the fulfillment of any mandate own to the host community. Suspension of operation may come from the client. This is mostly, when a project is not executed to meet client’s specified standard.

OVO EGUONO is poised to maintaining a standard of providing high-quality products and services that incorporate excellence to our clients.


OVO EGUONO NIGERIA LTD have it as a policy to send permanent staff on training and upon their return train their subordinates to ensure knowledge transfer within the company. This will help the company to operate smoothly when some key personnel are absent.

OVO EGUONO NIGERIA LTD operates open door policy to ensure that information concerning workers and their operations are made available at all time.


OVO EGUONO NIGERIA LTD have put in place a formal document control procedure which impact all its area of operation and how documents are issued and handled to ensure a smooth administrative control in all areas of operations and offices as well.